Nestled at the foot of Mt. Fuji in japan, Deep within the silent, eerie forest known as Aokigahara (Or Sea of Trees) stands a Tori lit by eerie, yet soothing blue flames. Past this otherwordly gateway is a location safe from the ravages of the monsters and ghosts of the forest, A large shrine with stone depiction of a feral kitsune and feral tanuki, curled around a small family of raccoon dogs and foxes.

  The interior of the shrine feels more like a Dormatory or shelter then a shrine of course. With a large living room, and a dining table with a bar into a kitchen overlooking it, Doors on eather side of the commons room lead into sparsely furnished bedrooms, some for large creatures, some for small, and some even for feral. Aside from victims, Everything a monster could want to be comfortable can be found within the shrine.

  Not everything is compleatly old fasioned. Electricity is furnished from somewhere, enough to heat the building comfortably and provide power to a few computers and gameing consoles and a kotatsu in each room is provided, But there's still no cell phone signal to speak of.

    ~ Room's Goal ~
To provide a safe place for otherkin and japanese monsters to interact with one another.

  Basic Rules are as follows:
* All creatures from every plane and era is allowed. From robots and androids of the future to the humans of today to the anchient ones of eras long ago.
* People tend to exist somewhere between OOC and IC, but try not to destroy or disrupt roleplaying in progress.
* Don't be a jerk.

  Note there's a thousand and a half unspoken rules that all fall under "common sense." If something irks the moderators, moderators will warn you privately, before kicking/banning.